First Time On Track?

If you are taking you kart onto the track for the first time, the information below will help ensure your day goes smoothly.

What to Expect When you Hit the Circuit?

Racing go kart have a lot of power and feel fast due to closeness to the ground, the sound and the speed.

For the first couple of laps brake earlier down the main straight. Most people don’t realise how fast they are going and run out of space to slow down for the next corner.

Until your tyres warm up on the track, grip levels will be low. Be cautious because it is very easy to spin out, going through corners and under brakes.


Carburetor Jetting

Ensure that your carby settings are correct. An incorrect setting will result in engine damage.

Rotax owners should check the jet under the carby. See here to change the jet

Rotax Max owners should refer to the Jet Chart found here

Rotax Evo owners should download the app called “Rotax MAX Jetting”



Chain Lube

Ensure that you lube your chain after every session. Without lube, your chain and sprockets will wear out very quickly and may not last one day of practice.

Racing Lines

If you are new to karting, you will be slower than more experienced drivers. Simply stay on the racing line and do not make sudden movements from one side of the track to the other.

Faster drivers will see you and drive around.


Kart Engine Gearing

Check that your gearing is appropriate for the track. Here is a link for tracks in NSW Australia –

Kart Tyre Pressures

Tyre CompoundCold Pressure (lbs)
Hard – Dunlop SL117-19
Medium – MG Red, DFM, Mojo12-13
Medium Hard – Maxxis15
Soft – MG Yellow8-10

Kart Engine Oil Mixture (2 Strokes) and Carby settings

Click here to learn about Oil mixture ratios, Carby settings and engine temps.